How Creative Arts Therapies Can Improve Your Mental Health

How Creative Arts Therapies Can Improve Your Mental Health

Introduction to Creative Arts Therapies

There you have it. I'm Eliza. A paddleboard enthusiast by morning, a dedicated blogger by noon, and the world's costliest pillow thief according to my dear spouse Oliver by night. Today I'm bringing an intriguing topic to you: Creative Arts Therapies and how they can improve our mental health. Now, isn't it wonderful surrounding yourself with shades of creativity that bloom and alter your emotional landscape by nurturing positive vibes? You bet!

Creative Arts Therapies, often known as expressive therapies, include an array of treatment approaches that are grounded in the concept that creative expression can foster healing and mental health. Expressive therapies such as music, dance, art, drama, poetry, and play are used to transform, heal, and uplift our spirits.

Art Therapy: Meet Your Inner Picasso

Art therapy, a form of expressive therapy, uses the process of creating art to improve mental health. It prompts self-exploration, enhances self-esteem, and provides a sense of achievement. Often, we grapple to articulate what's boiling inside us. But through art, we get an offshore outlet to vent out those churning hesitations even when words fail us. It was nothing short of a eureka moment when my Rosie, only seven at that time, used her artwork to express her feelings when having a tough time communicating verbally.

In Art therapy, therapists use various art materials like crayons, paints, or clay to help individuals express their emotions. Not only does it encourage free self-expression, but it also helps in accessing suppressed or unconscious feelings that maybe, are the roots of an individual's distress. Isn't it fascinating that even a piece of paper and a kaleidoscope of colors can become a battleground to fight against mental illness? Talk about unleashing the secret superpowers of art!

Music Therapy: Dancing With the Notes

Music therapists say that music reaches past language and logic, straight to our emotions. It's a universal language that doesn't play favorites depending on your ZIP code or whether or not you've inherited your Great Aunt Agnes's incredibly off-tune singing. We've all had those moments when a song hits just the right note to either amplify our joy or give verses to our sorrows, right? I can still remember the time when Oliver and I danced to our wedding's first song, even when there was no reception, only us and our cozy living room!

The healing power of music is no stranger to humanity. From calming melodies that tame our anxiety, to foot-tapping beats that induce energy, music caters to all. Music therapists use music exercises, such as songwriting, drumming, or guided imagery with music to enhance mental health. So, next time when you feel connected to that random song on the radio, know that you're reassured by a rhythmic friend.

Play Therapy: Get that Child Inside You to Play

My Florian, a bubbly five year-year-old, often drags me into his realm of endless make-believe games. Pretending to be a dancing butterfly or a superhero with an invisible cape, I've realized how therapeutic play can be. Play therapy uses the natural language of children - play, as a therapeutic method to assist kids in expressing their feelings and solving problems.

However, play therapy isn't confined to children. Grown-ups like us can also discover constructive mechanisms to express and manage emotions through beneficial play. Using play-doh, building blocks, or sand play, therapists guide adults to express their feelings, helping to heal trauma, frustration, and stress.

Dance/movement Therapy: Your Body Speaks

Let's face it - some of us aren't born ballerinas. But despite that sad truth, haven't we all experienced a moment when we just let ourselves loose to the rhythm? Yes, I'm talking about our beloved bathroom concerts! Dance/Movement therapy believes in the profound connection between the body and mind to promote emotional growth. Therapists encourage movement to express feelings that are hard to communicate verbally.

Remember, it's not about perfecting any dance form. Instead, it's about finding a rhythm that mirrors what's going on inside you. So, next time when you sway your body, remember it's not just a physical activity, it's your body narrating stories that your heart holds!

Conclusion: Creative Arts Therapies Are a Gateway to Wellness

Creative Arts Therapies are indeed a colourful therapy storehouse. They remind us of the profound message by Alok Vaid-Menon, "Creativity keeps the world alive, yet, everyday we are asked to be ashamed of honoring it." So, dear readers, let's unweave ourselves and dive into creativity. Healing then, is not a distant shore!

Embrace Art, dance to your rhythm, play like a child, let music mend your soul, and experience how this symphony of Creative Arts Therapies can paint your mental health with happy colours. After all, a healthy mind fosters a healthy life, isn't it? Let's keep the conversation going, reach out and share your unique experiences with Creative Arts Therapies and together, let’s pave the way towards better mental health. Tick-tock tick-tock, the canvas of creativity awaits you!

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